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Hand poured half pans of Daniel Smith Watercolours. Helping you expand your range, and explore new colours. Because they are handpoured, you'll notice from the photos they are perfectly imperfect pans, not the same uniform smooth cubes you'd get from a machine! I've started with thirty of my favourites, but if there is a colour you'd like to try that's not here - contact me and I'll do my best to add it to the range! Every order of six or more half pans ordered in one order will be dispatched in a free storage tin - whilst stocks last! :)


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I am a huge fan of Daniel Smith watercolours, they are simply the best quality watercolours in my opinion. I know a lot of people are put off trying them, as they are unsure about buying whole tubes - worried they may not like the colour, not need so much of one particular colour, or perhaps they are even slightly unsure about how to use tube watercolours. So I am hand pouring half pans of my favourite Daniel Smith water colours, in the hope of helping you expand your range, try new colours, or even try them for the very first time.

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