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Last week one of my friends text and asked where she could watch my 'journaling our way out of lockdown video' - I was confused, there was no such video! However, my friend told me she had heard it was really good and wanted to watch it. When I repeated I was sorry, but I hadn't made a video about journaling our way out of lockdown she conceeded after some thought, that maybe she just dreamt about it! However, this conversation got me thinking... So, as lockdown restrictions loosen up here in the UK, I have created a journaling prompt sheet to help reflect on the time we've had through it - picking out some of the gold amongst the challenges. Get a copy of the prompts sheet here. In my most recent YouTube video I show you three ways you could use the sheet, to get your creative juices flowing... but it's really up to you! If you use the sheet, be sure to comment below - I'd love to hear if you found it helpful. & Enjoy! 


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