The Ambassador Team Expands for 2019!

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Brand Ambassadors | Grace & Salt ink

I'm thrilled to announce new members joining our Ambassador team! Tamika will be joining the European team, Jon will be joining the UK team and bringing some male perspective to things, whilst Katie and Arden join the North America team. You can read all about them and get links to their social medai over on the Ambassador Team page, along with info about all the rest of the team.

We are also say a temporary "good bye" to Laura, our lovely lady in Northern Ireland, as she takes a years sabatical to focus on her studies and planning a wedding! Laura was one of Grace & Salt ink's very first customers and has always been a great supporter of the business, the original brand ambassador if you will! So I am super relieved that this is just a sabbatical and not goodbye! 

Brand Ambassadors | Grace & Salt ink

Fancy being on team? Although I am not currently actively recruiting, I am always keeping my eyes open. If you love your inkDori, take inspiring & beautiful journaling photos and fancy being on team, you can always send me an email via the contact page to enquire!

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