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Pslam 140ESV Journalling Bible

So following my last post a few people have been asking which journaling Bible I use and which pens I like etc etc… so if you read my last post and are interested in which journalling Bible I have etc here is some more information...

 My Bible - personally I bought the single column ESV journaling Bible which is hardback with a red cover and has a handy elastic strap to keep it closed (it looks a bit like a fat Moleskin journal). (I bought it online in the uk from <a target="_blank"></a>) ISBN 9781433536045

I chose it as I love the English Standard Version translation, but also because of the fact it was hard back, yet opens completely flat. I also LOVE the fact it's a single column Bible - that makes it so much easier to read in my opinion. Also I read <a href="" target="_blank">this review</a> and that sold it to me enough to order one without seeing one "in the flesh" first!

You can get some really fun looking NIV ones, and at the moment seem to have a lot of them on sale...

Cryola TwistablesPilot Frixion Pens

For highlighting - Crayola twistables, sounds crazy using crayons in your Bible, but it works. You can highlight text without bleeding through to the next page and still read the text you've highlighted through the line.

For note taking - I use Pilot Frixion pens, they come in a range of colours and the best thing is they are erasable!! So if you make a mistake you can sort it out. In the UK you can get a fair range of colours, but I found a huge pack with massive range of colours in Japan! Brilliant.


Stamps - I wanted some big letters, the best I found were by Amy Tangerine at American crafts. I have upper and lower case. It wasn't the cheapest option, but I'm thrilled with them. Personally I love Versasmall ink pads as they don't take up much room and come in a fantastic variety of colours. 

Blogs, Instagram etc for inspiration - so many! Check out my Pinterest board which is full of ideas and links ... Then these are probably my top three peeps on instagram!

@shannanoel fabulous blog..

@Marine_parents not sure if these guys have a blog, but their instagram feed is great!

@valeriewieners - see her amazing artwork on her website...

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